Inside the walls of a 'haunted' Victorian prison

After more than 100 years containing the Isle of Man's most notorious criminals, the imposing red brick walls of Victoria Road prison in Douglas will be reduced to rubble over the coming months. In 2008, the Victorian prison was decommissioned and inmates were transferred to a new £41.7m facility in the north of the island. Norman Quilliam joined the prison service in 1967, having first been turned down for being an inch to short. The 73-year-old, said: "I met some interesting people inside those walls. I also met some atrocious ones. But there were also many things that I couldn't explained." 'Absolutely terrified' During his twenty years as a prison officer at Victoria Road he witnessed several unexplainable events within the prison' s towering walls. "Cells three and four were definitely haunted, he said.

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