Pay Day Companies Should Be Banned!

Interesting reads about the pay-day loan sharks! I think it is a holy disgrace that these sleaze balls lend customers money against their child-tax credit and child benefit payments. There is only one winner in this business and that's the creeps who are living the high life off the vulnerable. A friend of mine once worked for one of these vulture companies and left because she did not agree with how they operate. To be quite frank, I would feel physically sick loaning money to a young mum against her benefit payments so shame on all of the likes of The Cash Store, The Money Store and the rest of the horrible greedy pigs that just simply take the mickey out of our society! I am also upset that prisoners families are resorting to these money grabbers to fund their prison visit travel! I could go on but in all honesty, it just turns my stomach. These pay-day loan companies should be banned from Britain Mr Cameron! Thanks to Action For Prisoners Families for supplying us with additional info! Hat tip to them!

                                                    INFO FROM APF