Prison mentors: 'I've been in trouble almost all the time'

The government wants to give more prisoners on sentences of less than 12 months a mentor - who may themselves an ex-offender - to try to cut reoffending. The BBC's Andrew Bomford met a mother-of-two coming out of prison, and whose life has been "chaos" since her husband was murdered, to find out whether the scheme could work for her. Anna's life started to go wrong the day she met the man who became her husband. He was a drug dealer. She had had a good education, and a few decent jobs. She had worked for the head of Twickenham Film Studios, and she did translation work for the bankers JP Morgan, using her Russian language skills. On a train back from her latest prison sentence - her 10th, she reckons - she recounts what happened to her husband in a calm, surprisingly matter-of-fact voice, considering what she was about to tell us. "My husband was murdered when I was pregnant with my son. Since then I've been in trouble almost all the time," she says.

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