Prisoners Families Turn To Pay-Day Loans

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. I was surfing the net for info on pay-day loans and came across your site.
The reason I am writing to you is because my boyfriend is in prison and I have four pay-day loans with four different companies and every week I rob Peter to pay Paul. Me and my boyfriend have a new born baby together and he missed her birth because he got sent down when I was 7 months pregnant. None of my family will speak to me because I have been to prison visiting him and want to stand by him so I am on my own with just my daughter until he gets out of prison. My boyfriend had a full time job in a factory and he claimed tax credits for the both of us. I can only claim for myself now because he is in prison.
The pay-day loan companies lent me money against my tax credits and other benefit payments but to pay them back I had to take out another loan with another company and I am going round in circles. I have decided to go and seek help with the Citizens Advice Bureau to manage my debts because the whole thing is making me very ill. I am just really writing to you to say that people are not on their own with these loan sharks and the best thing is to seek financial help. Lots of love and best wishes from Carly.