Prisoners Financing Their Needs - By Joanne x

The Mentoring scheme for offenders is really making me laugh and is no doubt making many prisoners laugh too. This was mentioned years ago by other prisoners and was never taken on board but to bring in the service now is way too late in my opinion. My partner is in prison and others with a partner in prison too may not agree with what I am about to say next, but as far as I am concerned, families and friends should not be able to send money in to prison for their loved-ones. There should be a way that prisoners should be made to live off wages in prison. By wages I mean a decent amount so that some can be put in to a victims fund and some can be used to maintain contact with the prisoners family. Why should we pay for that? If the Government thinks that maintaining family ties is a way of reducing re-offending, then what are they going to do about it? Because I aint paying for it and I aint sending my partner money that is supposed to be for my children. To be very honest with you, I am sick of seeing woman in the post office drawing their child-benefit money and then paying for postal orders with it for their loved-ones in prison. I am very sorry but I disagree with children going without because prisoners need the money for phone credit to bloody ring them and stay in touch with them. I stopped sending my partner money a while ago because I was getting in to debt and using pay-day loans that has been mentioned on your blog, so that's that. A little bird has told me that my partner is writing to another woman and she is sending him money. If that's the case then I feel sorry for her because he will come home to me and the kids I can 100% guarantee it, but what a way to use and abuse innocent people for money whilst in prison. Disgusting! Sorry if this has offended you but some prisoners play the game whilst they are inside and my partner is one of them. Writing to another woman and sending jail-mail love letters is not cheating. It's a false blag that prisoners do in order to finance their needs in prison.