Prisons are no deterrent - By Corby

                                            PRISONERS FINANCING THEIR NEEDS 


I have just read Joanne's post about maintaining family ties and how some prisoners will do anything in order to do it. I don't think it is right and I do not condone it, but as an ex-con myself, I have to admit that I have pulled a few stunts in prison to get money to put on phone credit to ring my daughter. I won't go in to what I did but all I can say is there is a fair number of prisoners who do write to other women and use them for money. I don't think this is a shock and most people connected to the prison life will be aware of this type of scam etc. Like I said, I don't condone it but it is what it is. Jail-mail is easy to profess true love!
One thing I would like to agree on is Joanne's take on the offender mentors. I agree with Joanne that this should have been happening years ago and yes ex-offenders have suggested it in the past. IT IS TOO LATE in the day to be bringing in this service. Like I said, I am an ex-con and for thirteen months I worked with youth offenders. In those thirteen months, 1 lad made it, so if the Government are paying for results, I hope they are paying good money because the mentors won't be making much! I found that the youth offenders have no fear. Nothing worries them, nothing bothers them and nothing deters them. Some of them used to tell me that prison was a breeze. They had a roof, meals, console games and money off their families, so in their eyes, they are looked after in prison by their families because they get money sent in which is why again I do agree with Joanne about the money thing in prisons. Is prison really a deterrent when you can have money sent in, you can have a TV and console game, you get three meals a day, you get free gym membership? You know, for some youths, this is better than the outside, because some of them do not have parents that cook them 1 meal a day never mind 3. It took five prison stretches for me to realise that prison is a mugs game. It should really take 1 prison sentence to realise it is a mugs game, but then if this was the case, then it would become a money issue and prisons would be out of pocket - wouldn't they?