Puzzled Prisoners Family Member - By June

Dear PFV; I have a family member in prison at the moment and if I may; would like to comment on what the UK are doing to accommodate prisoners families because from where I am standing; there isn't a great deal.
I am puzzled because it seems like everything is directed at prisoners and prisoners alone. My nephew is nearly 16 and hates visiting his uncle but misses him so much. He finds the visits very boring and says he feels silly just sitting there looking in to space and that all activities in the visiting hall is aimed at the younger end.
His uncle rings him and tells him about the gym and how he won his cell-mate at pool and table tennis etc; which is fine by me, the punishment is their freedom, not to be punished whilst in prison; but come on, what facilities are there for people like my nephew and others that are often  paying lots of money to visit their loved-ones in prison with absolutely nothing to do and strained conversations because the situation on a visit is hardly a relaxed one! Thanks for listening PFV and fingers crossed my email gets published. Hugs and love to everyone with a loved one in prison; from June x

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