The Cash Store Scandal - By Worried

I receive £140 + pence a week child tax credit and £146.00 a fortnight Job Seekers Allowance.
I took out a loan with a pay-day loan company The Cash Store against my benefit payments. They combined by benefit payments and issued me two loans of which I have to one weekly and the other loan when I get my Job Seekers Allowance. One loan I pay back roughly £25.00 a week but then that's just the interest so my loan is rolled over because I can't afford the payment in full. It is the same when I get my Job Seekers Allowance. They issue their customers with a pre paid Mastercard for which they charge £10.00 on top of your loan. They load the loans on to the pre-paid Mastercard so that you draw your loan out of the account. Why do they charge £10.00 for the pre-paid Mastercard when if you apply online for one, Mastercard only charge £4.95 and you pay this at the post office with a slip they send you. The Cash Store are charging ALL their customers a tenner a throw and if you lose your card or misplace it when you roll over you loan, they charge you ANOTHER tenner for a new card which again is added on to your loan.
I am ill with worry and in a mess with it all and don't know what to do. I can't tell my partner about this because he is in prison and he will just worry and call me stupid for taking out the loan in the first place.

PRISON WIDOW COMMENT: Email me The Cash Store which you deal with and I'll send in the press! In the meantime PFV has sent you a list of debt management companies who will help.