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Pay-Day lenders? My skin crawls just talking about them, but they have swarmed the UK and suffocated individuals trying to make ends-meet. We at Prisoners Families Voices know that the Government read our blog so open your eyes and ears and listen to what we have to say about the likes of The Cash Store and other pay-day predators that are living the life of luxury courtesy of struggling individuals caged by the British economic crisis. I have chosen this particular pay-day lender because we were tipped off about a story that will make your stomach churn. David Cameron was quoted as saying: He felt physically sick at the thought of prisoners voting. OK Mr Cameron, but I too feel physically sick by the UK Government allowing it's vulnerable people to be ripped off by the likes of The Cash Store and other greedy 'legal' criminals that you allow to trade in this country.
The Cash Store? They recently featured in The Daily Mirror under investigation. But to add to The Daily Mirror's shocking find, here is one that our readers will find most appalling.
The Cash Store left a young woman stranded in Birmingham who was attending her father's funeral. She couldn't get in to the store to repay her loan because quite naturally she had much more important things to attend to. What happened next is this. The Cash Store slithered in to the young woman's bank account and took everything she had in it. This left the young woman unable to get home, so she borrowed the money to get from Birmingham back home to go in to her local Cash Store to take out another loan so that she could live. Crafty eh? The Cash Store knew damn well she had no choice but how sickening under the circumstances? If The Cash Store wish to contact us, we will pass on the name of the manager and the cashier who informed us of this. The story has come from an honest source.
We at PFV have also learnt that The Cash Store do not offer payment plans for those who are struggling to repay the loan in full. They simply say that they can only roll-over the loan which means you pay the interest and take out another loan. Cunning aren't they?
Our own investigation at PFV regarding pay-day loans and prisoners families having to use them to fund a prison visit is alarming enough as it is. So we want your stories on your experiences of pay-day loans. Remember, at PFV we guarantee your anonymity so please make sure that you tell us this in your email to us.

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