Where is the family support? - From Lisa



In reply to anonymous who wrote about struggling with release from prison, can I just say that I 100% agree with her. My man did a long stretch in prison and I ended up becoming very independent when he was away. I got a job, my social circle changed and my life in general wasn't the same as when my man was living at home. I did stand by him apart from a few blips which is to be expected in some cases when someone goes to prison for a long time, but when he came home, it was horrendous. My man was very outgoing before he went in to prison but when he was released he had changed. I hoped this was a temporary thing but two years down the line he is still withdrawn and depressed. We have decided to go our separate ways but remain very close friends. I agree with anonymous that prisoners families and prisoners aren't prepared for release. No one prepares us and like me, I thought his release was going to rosy and romantic and all the rest of the stuff that comes with re-unions, but it wasn't the case at all. Prisoners families are encouraged to maintain ties and that's great, I agree too, but what happens on release from prison? Some families carry on as normal but others find it really hard to adapt on release from prison. I read your blog a lot and think you do a brilliant job of getting our stories out there so well done all of you.