Email to Prison Widow - From Anonymous

Hello. I would like to have my two-pence about prison visiting. It's all fair and well that Prison Widow attacks prison officers when someone emails her complaining about this that and the other, but as a prison officer myself, I can tell you that some visitors are extremely rude and at time quite aggressive towards us.
Can I just point out that it works both ways!

PRISON WIDOW COMMENT: It works both ways when prisoners families are constantly on the news or on biased TV documentaries when it comes to smuggling drugs in prison too because we all know that a percentage of prison officers like to earn a bit of pocket money when it comes to supplying!
I have been on prison visits and seen with my own eyes what some family members can be like and I agree with you but there are family members that are treated like crap by you lot for no reason. If you are referring to the HMP Bronzefield incident, which I think you are, then that's tough cookie because the person who emailed was distressed and worried that her niece was in danger because of male screw who quite obviously 'gets off' on intimidating women full stop! He deserved to be reported and I reported him. I'll do it again too should I get more emails of the same nature. I have met some very good prison officers who are excellent at their jobs and I have met some pillocks who shouldn't even be doing the job. Thanks for your email.