EX Offenders Finding Employment - From SY Via Email

                                                        EX OFFENDERS REJECTION

Hello. I was reading Scott's post on your blog about being rejected for jobs. ( Above link )
I was released from prison in 2010 and had the same problem because there was gaps in my CV.
At the time my probation officer advised me to write my stint in prison on my CV. How that would improve my chances of employment I do not know. For six months, I took his advise and inevitably I never even got the chance of an interview. The 'honesty is the best policy' approach in today's society is hardly a good one so I filled my CV gaps with a few white lies. I was always in prison and had been from the age of 22 up to 34. I was in and out of prison all the time and finally came to my senses. Even though I fibbed on my CV, I still struggled to get work and it frustrated me to the point of battling with the urge to go out and commit crime again. I continued to sign on Job Seekers Allowance and it was an advisor there that more or less changed my life. He gave me a list of agencies and I started work with one of them in a local warehouse near where I live. I worked hard and it was pretty good to bring legal money home at the end of the week. I have now been taken on permanently by the warehouse company itself and I am chuffed to bits about it.
Think what you may about my fibs on my CV, but if that is the only way I could have sorted out the employment situation then so be it. A few white lies is much better than being sat in a prison cell. It isn't easy when you are released from prison but what I am saying is, just stick at it and get your name down with a few employment agencies because it is a foot in the door and can lead to permanent work. Your blog is great by the way and I would like to wish everyone all the best, and a merry xmas even! Catch you later,

                                             From SY- Ex Offender via PFV EMAIL