HMP Bronzefield Prison Officer Bullies Family Member

Hi I could really do with some advice / help. I wanted to book 2 CD’s into property for my niece who I am visiting on Sunday, unaware of the ‘problems’ this would cause as on my last visit (04/11/2012 again a Sunday they booked and took the property in without a problem). Today I tried to book the 2 CD’s in and was advised that they never take property in on a Sunday – I questioned this as I know they do as they did from me on 04/11/2012. When I explained this to a Prison Officer (name withheld but I do have it) he made a veiled threat saying if I pursued this matter it would not look good on my niece (the prisoner) and he mentioned her name. I explained that if, when I visit on Sunday, I see any property being taken in, I will make an official complaint. But - the more I think about this, the more angry I get, how dare he threaten my niece, who has no knowledge that I wanted to book property in. Any Ideas - anybody???? Thanks

PFV have withheld the name of the person involved. 

PRISON WIDOW UK COMMENT: I'm not messing about so I've emailed the safer custody at HMP Bronzefield. Failure to reply, I'll email Michael Spurr and take it to a higher level. It sounds like HMP Bronzefield have a pillock working for them who needs putting in his place because this is not acceptable behaviour towards any family member of a prisoner. I have all emails logged so my advice is to make an official complaint against the officer and should the prisoner receive any hostile treatment, we have all documentation backed-up here.