Prison Hostel Farce - By Joanna

                                      LICENCE CONDITIONS ON HOME LEAVE 

Hi. I would like to respond to Lesley Brown's post please. ( Above link )
I think this is awful what you are going through and shame on the Governor's at Castle Huntly!
I went through something similar, not as bad, but my partner was released from prison and was made to stay in an hostel. I wasn't allowed in so we too had to have pub lunches and take away food often eaten on a park bench near the hostel. Probation said the hostel would benefit him? Basically, sod me and his children, and the rubbish the powers that be ramble on about maintaining family ties, an hostel was the best option for my partner they said! Like I said, I wasn't allowed in but he had to live amongst drunks and all night parties! Some benefit that is for someone trying to turn his life around huh? He had to do activities during the day which consisted of playing picture card games and throwing a ball around in the park and at 35 years old, he was embarrassed. I had to catch a train to the hostel which took 35 minutes to get there and a taxi to the hostel and it cost me a fortune. His hostel stay was worse than him being in prison!!!!!!
I hope things work out for Lesley and just wanted to say that I know how she feels.
Thanks from Joanna