Prison Is The Better Option - By Blog Reader

I walk my dog every day in the park and speak to an homeless man there who sits quietly on a park bench.
A few weeks ago, I spoke to him about how he will cope in winter. He said rather than freeze to death, he will somehow get himself in to prison as it was the better option. When I was 22, I ended up in prison myself and spoke to him about it and more or less advising him to try and get help from the homeless charities first.
He told him he had been there and that it was quite a long process for them to find him permanent shelter. He had been to a few hostels but was robbed whilst staying in one of them. I found out that he was an ex-serviceman so I had a lot of time for him and would buy him a coffee and chat to him on most days. I haven't seen him for a few weeks now and was wondering out of desperation whether or not he had committed a crime in order to get himself in prison. We are in 2012 and I think it is an absolute disgrace that the people of Britain are resorting to this. The country is getting worse and more and more food parcel stations are opening  in and around the UK. If people think that prison is a better option then what is this world coming to!!!!!