Prison Mentors? - By Jackie Ex-Offenders Partner

Hello PFV. My other-half has been out of prison now for nearly 12 months and is struggling. I have always supported him and he has a good family network behind him. For 12 months he has fought to find work but has been knocked back on every occasion. Probation have done nothing to support him but that's not a shock in this day and age. They did at one point put him in touch with an agency that deals with companies who employ ex-offenders, but that company has since folded and apparently lost its funding.
Due to the state of the country, I hate to say this, but this prisoner mentoring scheme that the Government are planning in my opinion is going to be a shambles. It won't be about learning to budget your finances and bills, at this rate, the mentor's will be pointing them in the direction of food banks to pick up food parcels. It is difficult for any straight member these days to find employment so what chance have ex-offenders got? I'll admit that yes we have told fibs on his CV, but so what, I should imagine thousands of law-abiding citizens are doing exactly the same! My brother is a qualified mechanic and has worked in this profession for over 25 years. He is now working in a bargain store because that's all he could find in the form of work.
Does anyone else have any thoughts on this prisoners mentoring scheme? Thanks..

                                                        From Jackie Via PFV EMAIL