Xmas Alone - By Jen

Hello. I am having a difficult time at the moment trying to persuade Mum to spend Xmas with us.
My brother which is her son was sentenced to 14 years this year and Mum has become withdrawn and doesn't want company. She has always been an outgoing person and this has knocked her for a six.
We can't force her to spend Xmas with us but I just wish that she would change her mind. There is nothing we can do about him being in prison, and in a way I feel anger towards him and blame him for the way Mum is. Mum refuses to visit him and she is in her 70's. I know deep down inside what she is thinking and that is that she won't be around and see him again in the free-world again when he is finally released. It is a situation that I would not wish on anyone. I read your blog a lot and it gives me a little comfort that our family isn't the only family that are going through difficulties. Thank you for listening. Lots of love, Jen