Adjusting To The Free World - By Stu

I've just read the post by Anon who says that her partner is depressed before his release from prison.
It depends how long you have been in prison for and I have met many guys in the same boat who were anxious about their release. I didn't serve a long prison sentence but I met those that had.
A pal of mine spent a considerable amount of time in his bedroom when he was released which frustrated his wife and family. But some people need space in order to adjust to life back on the outside.
As I say, I didn't serve a lengthy sentence like some but release from prison was a bit daunting for me too because it's like a shell-shock for many. I had a house full of people visiting me when I got out and after a few days it got a bit much so I put my foot down. I think every individual has a different experience but I would like to wish your partner well and hope he gets some support in order for him to adjust.