How Do Prison's Deal With Post Traumatic Stress?


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In the case of CPL Harry Killick who stole a gun to try and commit suicide whilst suffering from severe post traumatic stress, do the Government honestly think that a ten year prison sentence will work? Honestly?
Yes he did wrong by stealing the gun but the Government sent him to war - put sod all in place for young soldiers like him who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and bang them up for it? That is basically what they have done. How do The Prison Service rehabilitate someone for ten years in this case?
They cannot even cope with prisoners who suffer mental health issues, so I would love to see how they rehabilitate this serviceman! I am all for locking people up who have committed heinous crimes but come on? CPL Harry Killock needs medical help, not a ********* prison sentence that will push him more over the edge! Now lets the jam the email box of the home secretary shall we? I am pretty sure if Prison Widow requests it of the readers, the readers will start jamming! I watched this poor man's Dad on TV this morning and he was absolutely heartbroken. Shame on the bloody Government and the Justice System!

From Elsie - PFV Reader Via Email