No More Chances - From A Prisoners Partner

                          RE: PRISON AND FAMILY TIES 

Hi, I've just read Prison and Family Ties over on Twitter ( above link )
I have a partner in prison and he has been in prison three times. I didn't know him when he served the other two sentences. This is the first time I have experienced the prison journey and it has been a toughie.
When I first met him he told me he had been in prison but had changed his life around. I am all for giving people chances and I am all for excepting that people make mistakes. But I will not be standing by him again if he lands up in prison again. I hate everything about it. I hate the prison visits and all in all, his stay in prison has cost me a small fortune. I have met other people on visits that tell me that their husbands etc have been in prison three or four times. I will not judge them but I could not spend my life prison visiting. No way!