Prison and Online Support - By Jackie Lane

It is quite obvious that blogging about prison issues and prisoners families is becoming increasingly popular.
The likes of Prisoners Families Voices which is nearing 1 million hits and Ben Gunn ( Lifer on the Loose ) with around 30,000 hits a month, are clearly up there when it comes to readership.
Support forums for prisoners and their families are also a popular tool for those who want information and support. Is this the new era? I think it is and I also think that they should get much more recognition within the criminal justice system. I for one am over the moon that Prisoners Families Voices has secured their first sponsorship and I am sure many others will come forward in the near future. That I bet is a certainty.
More and more people have access to the internet and more individuals are learning how to use a computer.
No one can argue that online services are the future and more readers wanting support will flock to their screens. Watch this space - a new era has arrived! Have a great day everyone, love and best wishes from Jackie.