Prison Break-Up - From Worried Teenager

Hi everyone. I am just writing to ask anyone if this is normal or not? My Mum and Dad have been married for 21 years and he got sentenced to 7 years in prison 13 months ago. My Mum and I went visiting him all the time but now she has met someone else here on the outside and hasn't told Dad yet. I am getting phone calls and letters off Dad asking what is wrong with Mum and I feel I can't cope with it all at the moment.
I am lying to him saying that Mum has been poorly and that she has been doing over-time at work and I just feel like piggy in the middle all the time. I love Dad to bits but if he is told then I will worry about his well-being whilst he is in prison.What a mess this all is!

PFV COMMENT: We have forwarded a list of support groups for the young lady who emailed us.  
You can also find organisations on our link page at the top of our site.