Prison Widow Daily

Well the gritters are out in force here in Bolton and the roads are covered in it. Whilst ambling my way to the shops, I saw a bewildered dog warden trying to establish whether or not it was brown grit on the road or a £50.00 fine in his back pocket!
I always observe folk when I'm out and about and this morning was no different. OK, now we can all agree that it is cold with a capital C outside at the moment yet I saw a bloke wearing the following:

A warm coat with a fur lined hood.
A pair of winter shoes.
A mighty fine wholly hat with toggles down to his knees......
AND a pair of shorts... Why? Why would anyone dress this way? I know I shouldn't judge folk and maybe his legs were plastered in some of that Deep Heat cream, but Jesus Christ! He should be put on a curfew and only allowed out after 9.00pm when it's dark!
Anyway, are we all set for the avalanche tomorrow? Sky News are predicting every part of the UK will be covered in snow. Everyone was buying bread by the dozen in Asda this morning, and the local Chavs have stopped breeding Huskies and have now moved on to puppy farming St Bernard's. Sky News are adamant we are going to get 2-5 inches - I suppose that's pretty bog standard for us women so we'll deal with it no problem! Whatever comes our way tomorrow, enjoy the snow and don't forget to ring in sick because employers will expect you to sledge your way in to work regardless! Until then, take care!