The Prison Service WILL Punish Children - By Prison Widow UK

I received an email from a very trustworthy source who informed me that there will be a new prison regime put in to place in April 2013. Part of this ludicrous regime is that prisoners will be behind their doors at 6.00pm every night. I have received quite a large number of emails from concerned families regarding this matter. Again, I will state that the information has been sent to me by a reliable source who immediately got in touch. What makes me roar with laughter is that the Ministry of Justice, like cackled hens, swore blind that families who maintain ties with their loved-ones serving a prison sentence reduces re-offending. Every Charity and Organisation that works hard to campaign on behalf of prisoners families and children of offenders have agreed, like I myself and many of our readers, that maintaining contact makes a huge difference. Association time in many prisons, if not all of them, is between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. In that time, prisoners queue to phone their loved-ones and to speak to their children often discussing what they have achieved at school that day. Thousands of children look forward to that phone call. One of the main reasons they look forward to that phone call is because their Mother's or Father's are serving their sentences in prison's located far away from home. Prisoners Families Voices receive umpteen emails from families who financially cannot afford to visit their loved-ones as frequently as they would like but they are quite happy writing and receiving regular phone calls and they adapt to that routine. But what happens when the 6.00pm-8.00pm phone calls come to an halt? I spoke to one lady this morning who told that she would be devastated if this new regime goes ahead because her daughter takes dance classes after school and always speaks to her Dad on the phone between 7.00pm and 8.00pm. How does the Prison Service feel about stripping that right away from her?
I have to agree with our readers and the many emails are still flowing in regarding this topic. To put it bluntly, we will cause a stink. A big one at that. Every prison that takes up the new regime will find themselves at the very top of the Google search engine and that's about as simple as it gets. I vehemently disagree with the decision when it will quite obviously affect thousands of children that have been thrust in to this situation through no fault of their own. Bring it on!