A Mother's Tough Love - From Anonymous

Dear Prisoners Families Voices, I have a son in prison and wanted to share my feelings with you. I would like to remain anonymous please.
My son has been in prison twice. This time round it was for house burglary. He got a three year sentence.
He drifted off in to a bad crowd when he was 15 and has been in trouble with the law ever since. I get sick of reading newspaper articles and forum threads about troublesome youths and the blame being put on the parents. I know there probably is a lot of parents to blame but kindly leave parents like myself out of the picture because I am an excellent mother who has raised two other children who have never been in trouble.
The general public seem to think that if your son or daughter lands themselves in prison that it is the parents fault. Let me tell you that it can happen to anyone and the best of parents.
My son started to smoke weed (cannabis) and then got himself addicted to speed and moved on to heroin.
For all those people who have never lived with an heroin addict, let me tell you that I wouldn't wish it on anyone, not even my enemies. My son has threatened me, stole from me and lied to me hundreds of times and then some. I have always allowed him to come home after he has been in prison, but not this time round. He is 23 now and it is his time to live in the real world. I have told his offender manager that I am not prepared to have him back home and my son has never contacted me since finding this out. I refuse to be his ATM machine for heroin and although he is my son and I love him, he has to take responsibility for his own actions. I am writing to you because I know other readers of your blog in the same situation as me won't judge me. Am I wrong as a Mother to be giving my son some tough love?