The boy who cannot forget

A Welsh student can remember every detail of his teenage years – including what he had to eat and what the weather was like on any given day. Aurelien Hayman, 20, from Cardiff, is one of only a handful of people in the world with hyperthymesia, or highly superior autobiographical memory. “It’s not something that I realised overnight, but when I was 14 I discovered that I was quite good at remembering some things that had happened years before,” he said. When asked about the random date of October 1, 2006, he remembers it was a cloudy Sunday, he listened to the song When You Were Young by The Killers, and he had asked out a girl but been turned down… He said: “There’s no method or technique to it. I’m not aware that my memories are being coded. It’s like being able to access something in a filing cabinet very quickly.”