Aylesbury Prisoners Played To The Camera's - By Stu

I have a few questions to ask about tonight's Prison documentary over at HMP Aylesbury and it is this; did the young offenders play up more than usual because the TV camera's were filming? And how many times do these young offenders take other prisoners hostage? Was this the first time because they were on camera? How many times a week does something major happen in the prison or were the TV crew just conveniently 'lucky' to get their footage? At the end of the documentary, the Governor said that 90 percent of the prisoners comply to the regime. The TV crew must have thought it was Christmas with the brilliant 'drama' that unfolded in front of the cameras! I'd love to see whether or not the lads have had nicking's for previous hostage taking! Sorry guys, but these documentaries don't convince me in the slightest!