Heroin Lies - From Lindsay (email)

                                                              VILE HEROIN

Hi. I read your blog post on, Vile Heroin. (above highlighted link)
My boyfriend is in prison for robbery and he is an heroin addict. I have never taken any drugs in my life and didn't even know what my boyfriend was using. I knew he was using something but never did I think it was Heroin. I know you might think I am stupid or thick, but I just didn't know. I didn't really want to know either because what ever it was he was taking made him a good mood. He would always go out to a friends house in the morning and come home in a good mood which was were he was taking the stuff. He is not a bad person though. He is a brilliant Dad and has never caused us harm apart from committing a crime and leaving us because of that gross drug. I hate it with a passion!!!! His arrest was awful and I ended up on depression tablets for a while. He told me that since he has been in prison, he has not used Heroin, but I went visiting him last week and I knew he had because of his eyes and the good mood he was in. He forgets that I can tell just by looking at him so he has told me lies. I love him but I can't cope with lies and him using that crap in prison. I don't want it in mine and my daughters life and the only thing I can do is walk away and leave him if he chooses that drug. My mind is pretty messed up with it all and I know how other families feel when drugs are a problem in the family. Lots of love to you all... Lindsay