HMP Aylesbury Predictable - From Patricia

Dear PFV. My son is in a YOI (young offenders institute) and needless to say, I worry about him.
I watched HMP Aylesbury last night and can't help but feel that a lot of the documentary was staged for the camera's. At the end of the programme, the Governor stated that 90% of the prisoners get their heads down and do their time. What the prison did was, they hand picked those who retaliated against the system which made the documentary shocking to the general public. HMP Aylesbury probably does have a bad reputation,  but name me a prison that doesn't? Some are renowned for fights whilst other prison's have a bad reputation for drugs etc. To be quite truthful with you, the documentary was what I expected. It makes good viewing (not for prisoners families) and the 'star's' of the show are without a shadow of a doubt hand-picked. I won't be watching next weeks installment because it will simply just be the same old, same old. Love and light, from Patricia.