Hoping He Gets A Prison Sentence - From Susan

Dear PFV. I have been reading the blog and the posts about families who are having to deal with a loved one addicted to drugs, especially Heroin. My son (28) is in court next week charged with a drugs related crime. I am (59) and have been through hell and back. He has stolen money from my purse, sold household items, even my hoover, to fund his drug habit and applied for loan after loan leaving me with debt collectors ringing all the time and bailiffs at my door. I hope he gets sent to prison next week, I really do because otherwise I am going to be visiting him in the morgue. I am disgusted that there is no support for people like me and other families out there affected by drugs. I hear there is supposed to be and I have rang a few numbers but when I do, they always pass me on to another number and another number after that. I am sorry if I have offended anyone by saying that I wish a prison sentence on my son, but this is the only way I will know he is safe and not in a gutter somewhere. Lots of love.. Susan