Husband Back On Heroin - From Mrs H

My Husband was back on gear (Heroin) within hours of getting out of jail. He isn't the first and won't be the last. As his Wife I have tried helping him but if he won't help himself then what more can I do.
He isn't aggressive and I do not allow him to use Heroin in our house. I hate it because of what it has done to our family. Friends have told me to divorce him but that is easier said then done. He has another appointment  with the community drugs team next week for a script so we will see then. When he went to prison, he had to do a rattle (withdraw) off Heroin and it is pretty much cold turkey too! So if drug addicts can do a rattle in prison then why can't they do it out here? I have asked my Husband this time over. My hubby is addicted to Heroin and that does not stop me from saying that I think drug users are the most selfish people around. I will wait to see how he does on his detox programme and go from there.