No Jobs For Ex Offenders - From Jess

Dear Admin. I would like to share a story with your readers if I may.
My partner was released from prison in June 2012. In prison he focused on changing his life around and worked hard in education to better his prospects on release.
He already had numerous qualifications before he was sentenced and his CV looks impressive. But 8 months down the line, he is still unemployed and the work he did in prison seems to be crashing down around him. What the Government needs to realise is that no matter how much 'rehabilitation' they introduce to The Prison Service, thousands of offenders are failing on the out because there is no work. In one week alone, he applied for over 20 suitable jobs and not one even acknowledged his applications and that is without him declaring that he had a criminal record! Members of the public without criminal records are finding it hard enough themselves to find work so it is even harder for ex offenders!