Prison Bloggers - From ANON

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Dear PFV. I have just read, Ben Gunn's, post on prison bloggers. (Above link)
This is weird because I am setting a blog up at the moment for my partner who is in prison. The blog is registered under my name and address so that's that. No doubt when it is up and running my partner's mail will get monitored, but I have hundreds of letters from him to publish anyway so I couldn't care less what the Prison Service say. I am responsible for the blogs content and I do not have to answer to HMP. I know what's what and I know how far I can tow the line so when it's all up and running, I'll forward you all the link and hopefully the readers will find it very interesting indeed. Just one more thing before I sign off.. My partner has had enough grief off the Prison Service and the Governor anyway, so MY blog won't make any difference. Like I say, it is MY blog and I am just posting its content. I didn't want to start the blog before getting the material so now I have the material it's all system's go. I am interested though how the other prisoner's blog gets on. ANON.