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Do I agree that Wesley Porter should be at home with his family? Absolutely! But Wesley is spending life behind bars for a crime that he did not commit. This is what we call a miscarriage of justice and lets face it, the UK justice system have made their fair share of botch-ups. In fact, they are still making cock-ups and always will because our system is flawed and useless on many levels.
This month in Inside Time, as well as my regular column, there is a Prison Widow top ten favourite films and songs associated with prison that features in their entertainment supplement. My all time favourite film is the story of, Derek Bentley who was hanged on January 28th 1953 for a murder he did not commit. After 46 years of bullying and cajoling the Home Office, Derek Bentley was given a posthumous pardon in 1998.
I remember the first time I watched the Derek Bentley film, 'Let Him Have It' and I remember muttering the word 'Bastards' at the end of it when Derek lost his life to the noose. If you haven't watched the film, then please do, but purchase a box of tissues beforehand.

Above is a picture of Derek's gravestone marking the words, 'A Victim Of British Justice' and rightly so too.
Derek's story reminds me of a similar one in the USA. I currently write to this person on death row in Texas.
He didn't kill anyone either. Some of you reading this right now might say, ' Here we go! Another death row groupie!' No, it's not like that at all. He didn't kill anyone. Neither did Wesley Porter and neither did Derek Bentley, but hey! Someone has to be made accountable, so stuff the flawed evidence and corruption just as long as some poor bugger is paying the price and in many cases, the ultimate one.
Over the past twelve months, I have gotten to know Wesley Porter's Mother and have received a letter from Wesley himself thanking me for my support. On the left hand side of the blog, you will see a picture of Wes which takes you to his website. Take some time out, click on his picture and read the case. The lad shouldn't be in prison. There are a quite a number of prisoners who shouldn't be in the nick too such as Simon Hall and Nick Rose. I am not saying for one minute that we should forget the victims of crime, absolutely not! But there are other victims, the forgotten victims, that are thrust in to the system because of its flaws. Some of you may say, 'well at least they have a life because the victims don't'. Take a look at the gravestone above and I'll let you make up your own mind about that one.