Prison Widow February Article Inside Time

                                            PRISON WIDOW FEBRUARY ARTICLE 

Hello Beautiful I am standing at my cell window watching the snow fall heavily on to the ground. I have just finished watching Escape from Alcatraz and have come up with a plan. This letter might not reach you, but I will risk sending it anyway. The three men that escaped from Alcatraz are so inspiring and I am missing you so much that I need to get out and see you. Babes, I was thinking. If the snow continues to fall over the next few days, I and my pad-mate have come up with an excellent plan. I’ll share it with you, but do not tell anyone else honey. Here goes; when I and Carl go out on to the exercise yard, Carl will start building a snowman. But he’ll build the snowman around me so that I actually end up inside it. When night falls, I’ll punch my way out of the snowman and leg it! We initially thought of building a giant snowman near the prison wall, but the screws would get straight on to it, so that idea went out of the window.I’ll see you real soon darling and remember, don’t tell a soul, not even my Mam!All my love Jack