Prisoners Families With Dementia - From Angie

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. I live in Derby and have been reading your blog about Dementia and having a loved one in prison. My Mum is in a care home and my brother is a lifer in prison.
My Mum has a few photo's of him in her room and on occasion she will point to the photo and say his name. It doesn't happen a lot, but nevertheless it does happen. I agree with the other posters that all contact in this situation grinds to a halt and there is no communication because of the circumstances. I am very impressed that your site has welcomed this problem as it isn't as rare as what people think it is. I hate to say this but prison these days is quite a common thing. I worry that my brother and my mother won't see each other when the inevitable happens. It doesn't bear thinking about but it's a fact and the inevitable will happen when my mother passes away.