Stopping Prison Visits - By Jackie


Hi Corrine, I have just read your post (above) and first before I start to comment, I am not a professional so this is just my own personal opinion.
I have no doubt that your kids love their Dad very much, but if he persists in reoffending all the time then my question is, "what does he think about his children"? I know that is a harsh comment, but he needs to grow up, step back and think about what affect this is having on his children. It's not fair on them. I think this is one thing about some prisoners that gets my back up is the lack of bloody respect for their families and children when they are in and out of prison like a yo-yo.
Personally, and this is only my opinion, I would not take my children to visit their Dad if it is affecting the kids. Sure I would let them speak to him on the phone etc, but why should you put your kids through all this emotional heartache because their Dad quite simply cannot be bothered getting his life on the straight. I hope I haven't offended you Corrine, as no offence intended. Love and hugs, Jackie.