Taking Away Family Ties - By Katy

Dear PFV. Hi everyone! I've been reading the posts today about prison release and I've been through this twice now due to my partner going in prison and breaching his licence when he was out.
It is all well and good that people are talking about families that are lucky to maintain ties with their families in prison ( I say lucky because some families find visits impossible with the travel distance ) but I have also heard through the grapevine about the early 6.00pm bang up which is coming in to force this year? If families and prisoners are finding the release stressful now then what happens when the system reduces our family ties? I will near on find it impossible to speak to my partner if this goes ahead because I work and don't get back home until 6.15pm every night and there is no way I can afford to fund money to him so that he can ring me on my mobile. I just can't afford it..