Vile Heroin - By Anonymous

Hi PFV.. Within 6 hours of coming out of prison, my partner was using heroin again. When he was in prison, he told me he hadn't used anything but that could only have been a lie because from what I can remember, he used my mobile phone outside Probation and rang someone which I now think was a dealer. I might be behind the door when it comes to drugs because I have never used them myself but I am not altogether stupid. I am not writing this email asking you for help because I know what to do which is to get rid. I went through hell and back before he went to prison so I am not going through hell again where I get my purse pinched and money stolen from me. I think I just want to make people aware but I also think that I am not alone which is why I agree with a lot of others that there is no support for families of offenders when they get released from prison. I will pack his stuff, kick him out and then where does he end up again? Back in prison! If that sounds awful and heartless then so be it because I cannot go through hell and back again. Drugs not only destroy the life's of the victims that have copped for the drug addicts crimes, they also destroy innocent families that have to live with the horrid destructive vile heroin too!