BBC Prisoners Wives Should Be Renamed - From Ottomummy

Going to stick my head above the parapet - i did not enjoy the second series of Prisoners Wives, I feel it's moved away from the original premise of Wives of Serving Prisoners to a standard crime drama about Prisoners Relatives. Yes, the new story line concerning the arrest of "Mick" is interesting, but the title suggests the programme is supposed to be about what happens to his wife - she's now potentially got 3 children to bring up alone, pay the bills and deal with the stigma - surely that's all we should be interested in. The idea that he would have been asked to move in the visits room because he was seated near the play area was ludicrous, we all know that seating is allocated so can you imagine him being put there in the first place? A laborious plot line just so he can be marked out as a "nonce" and receive a kicking! To go to court on your own to watch your husband being denied bail or being sentenced is harrowing enough, his wife would have enough to deal with without the need to pad out the story with her being spat at by the neighbour. Enough of that will follow when the press get news of the story. And Fran, oh dear, she is as corrupt as her husband, which yes, I agree the programme does portray, but still she keeps making the same mistakes, whilst asking all around her to lead a good and honest life. I have no time for Harriet, I understand she stands by her son whilst he's inside, but she is one of life's victims, she'd be in the same position if the programme was all about relatives of the very wealthy. I would have liked to have seen more about the realities of being a prisoner's wife, what it's really like when they are in and how much of a struggle it continues to be when they eventually come home. And apologies if I'm offering sour grapes and you enjoy it - we're all different!