Cameron Is Splitting Up Families - By Yvonne

Hi PFV, I have just read a few posts on your blog about trying to make ends meet. When my partner was in prison, I got a part-time job to support me and the kids. I didn't do too bad managing   and budgeting my money and I could afford a treat on pay day. My partner was released from prison in February and now we are struggling like mad to survive, so I agree that you are better off being single to make ends meet. It's been a financial disaster since my partner came home and we are considering that to survive financially that it might be better if he puts his name down on the council list for a flat and that we live separately. I was reading an article in the Daily Mail about the straightest of people are starting to become dishonest and are resorting to petty crime, so to say that the country is in a mess is an understatement but I do know this much, I will not let my kids starve and if that means I myself have to be dishonest, then so be it Mr Cameron. I doubt David and Samantha's kids will go without so why should mine!!!!!!!! I'm sorry if this causes offence, but whilst the UK citizens are raising money for the likes of Comic Relief, they should be cleaning up their own back yards first!!!!