He Committed Crime On Purpose - By Angry Mum

Hi there. I have 2 sons, one aged 9 and one 22. My eldest boy became addicted to Heroin. I tried to keep him away from the 'bad group' but as you know, that is easier said than done. Eventually he came to me and asked me to help him so we started ringing community drugs teams. The main one in our area had a 13 week waiting list and we begged them to get him in to be seen to earlier but it was a no,no.
He became desperate and told me that he would get help quicker if he committed a crime to which I was absolutely mortified and told him I would not support him. He went against my wishes and started shop-lifting AND getting caught on purpose. He went to court and received some kind of order and hey presto, he   saw the drugs community team within days because he had a court appointed appointment.
I think for people addicted to drugs who have to resort to this is an absolute disgrace. Basically the system is saying that if you commit a crime, we will help you sooner. Talk about setting people up to fail so that they can keep the crime rates UP!!!!! Best Wishes from an Angry Mum. (via PFV Email )