Prison Rehabilitation is a Load of Old Rubbish - From Steff

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. Hi there to everyone. I read about the disabled prisoners being locked in their cells for 23 hours a day in Winchester Prison. Or was it 24 hours? Either way, it is disgusting. My son was sent to prison at the beginning of this year. Sure I am disappointed but he has to pay for his crime and take responsibility for his own actions. However, in court, when the Judge sent him down, he clearly stated that prison would basically teach him a lesson and that he should take advantage of the rehabilitation programmes in prison. What rehabilitation programmes? Where are they and do they actually exist? Because like the two disabled men, my son is locked up too for 23 hours a day playing on his cell-mates Playstation! Seriously, these Judges need to walk around some of these prison's before spouting off what there is, because all this prison rehabilitation is a load of old rubbish! Regards, Steff (A prisoners Mum)