Prison Widow Gets Chav Attack!

Bloody-hell! I really needed a laugh today and boy did I get one! I was with my Mum, minding my own business, in the classy town of Farnworth, when I accidentally caught a woman's leg with my shopping bags. About 50 yards later, she shouted, "Bitch!" to me! Not to my face, no no no, she had to walk 50 yards away to make her point. I knew the profanity came from her because when I turned around, there was a trail of froth that had dripped from her over-medicated Valium mouth. Gross I know, but she is well known in town for being the wife of one of the most respected illiterate plastic gangsters who is widely known for knee-capping, Ken, Barbies fella, when his daughter complained that Ken's legs weren't working properly. Seriously, what has the world come to? I bet you're wondering if I said anything back to her aren't you? My Mum thought she heard me shout, " Dick-head" back to her, but I honestly can't remember. It amused me though!