Prisoners Families Are Excluded - By A Mum Of Ex Prisoner

                                                   Committing Crime To Get Help 

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I would like to reply to the mum who's son has committed crime to get help with his drug addiction.
My son became addicted to drugs whilst he was IN prison. He smoked cannabis whilst on the out but when he went to prison, he became addicted to heroin.
When he was released from prison, he had to wait approx 6 weeks before he got sorted out with the community drugs team. It was quite a long process considering. His first appointment was to see a drug support worker and then he had to wait a further few weeks to see one of their doctors who then gave him a perscription for methadone. My son by the way went in to prison for driving fine offences.
I'm not overly impressed with the community drugs team in my area. My son and I have an excellent relationship and I am supporting him all the way as he battles kicking his habit. But every appointment he has with the community drugs team they insist he goes in to see them himself. He asked if I (his mum) could go in with him and they said no. So much for the families of prisoners helping with rehabilitation!!!!! Families are shunned and not even included with the rehabilitation of their loved ones!!!!!! It's all one big contradiction!