Prisoners Wives - By Jackie Lane

The first episode of Prisoners Wives series 2 was pretty explosive if I say so myself! I thought the first series was excellent and thought that the second series would struggle to beat it - but it's better!
I know that the programme is a drama, but the story lines are very realistic and the visits are near on spot on too. The only.. and I mean the only issue I had was that there should have been a support-line at the end of the episode - unless I missed it - because the nature of Mick's offence or Mick's miscarriage of justice could have upset a few families going through that particular situation. As I say, I could have missed it though.
I'm glad they kept, Polly Walker AKA Fran in the series because she plays a gangsters moll brilliantly!
I love Harriet but the father and daughter plot I'm not sure on just yet. Overall I thought it was bloody fantastic and like many of the other readers, I am really looking forward to next weeks installment!