Last night's episode? It's plainly obvious that Fran is going to end up in the clink. The woman detective wants nothing better than to nail Miller's missus too! A great double whammy for her getting both husband and wife in prison. I could be wrong though, maybe their son gets nailed for dealing Coke? Who knows, but I very much doubt there will be an happy ending for the Miller clan.
Gavin? It's often said that Coke in prison is not 'the drug', it's usually nine times out of ten, Heroin. Coke is a high, so wouldn't the keen eyed screws get on to the fact that there are a group of cons dancing around the wing in high spirits - and I mean very high spirits?
I actually like the drama but I agree with the others that it really doesn't show a near on accurate picture of what prisoners families have to go through. Love and best wishes, Gina