Prisoners Wives Not Realistic Enough? - By Fiona

Hi. My partner is away for some years in HMP Full Sutton. I watched the BBC 1 drama, Prisoners Wives, and I agree with Ottomummy's post that this series is more like a crime drama rather than a drama focusing on the perils of prisoners wives. However, I did enjoy it but I think that the only way the public will see the true effects of being a prisoners family member would be if the TV companies made a proper documentary on it rather than spinning the situation off as a drama. I'm fine now, but when my partner was first sent down, I was near on suicidal with the debt I was left with. I had to sell my house and basically start a new life myself. It was traumatic and I don't think the BBC drama has captured it that well. I also agree with the others that the first series starring Gemma's story was more near on realistic and it showed the sheer hell she went through. Like I said, as a drama, I enjoy it, but for me, it doesn't get the message across to the public what it is really like for us.

From Fiona via PFV email.