Remembering Prison - By Prison Widow UK

I was chatting to a lady the other day whose Mother has dementia. She visits her Mother twice a week in the Care Home in which she lives in. Years ago, in the late 1980's, the lady's brother (her Mother's son) spent 7 years in prison for a robbery conviction. This was his first, and his last, prison sentence. He turned his life around and has stayed well and truly on the straight and narrow.
A few weeks ago, he and his wife visited his Mother. She was sat in the lounge surrounded by other residents and a few of their family members. They sat with her and all enjoyed a cup of tea. All seemed to be going well, until she asked her son, loudly, "Did you get out of prison today to come and see me?" His Mother has dementia, and his Mother thought he was still in prison, an event that happened many years ago. She may not be able to tell her son what his name is. But his face triggers off memories.
Yes he was embarrassed that many people in the lounge had overheard his Mother's comment. A few of the Carer's looked awkward and pretended to get on with some paperwork.
I was told that the lady's son tried to change the subject, but his Mother demanded to know why he wasn't in prison still. Before her illness progressed, she knew exactly when he was released because she had a homecoming party for him. Her son no longer wants to visit her at the Care Home in fear that she will bring up the subject of prison again. He was upset and embarrassed and the more he tried to ignore his mother and change the subject, the more she asked and the more agitated she got. The purpose of this post is to ask whether or not any of our readers or passersby have experienced similar? The lady I spoke to gave me permission to publish this and would appreciate any correspondence. Please contact me at: