Solicitors Make A Boob - By Prison Widow

It was a busy morning yesterday for the Prison Widow team. First of all it was a trip to the bank to open a business account and secondly it was a stop-off at the local Solicitors - where my sis works.
There were no issues with the bank, apart from Nancy and I missing out on a Costa Coffee because we failed to sneak out of the meeting! It was the trip to the Solicitors with Nancy that opened my eyes! My Sister works in the accounts department at this particular firm, so I thought it would be nice to give her a shout and say hi. I made a point of asking a receptionist, a very arrogant receptionist, where my Sister was. Take in to account that I didn't know she worked upstairs in the building. Anyway, I asked the receptionist and she told me my sis worked upstairs. With that came a wave of silence. I thought out of common decency the receptionist would have least asked me if I wanted my sis for anything. My query could have been an emergency right? The woman proceeded to take phone calls and ignored me.
Nancy and I was then called in to a room where her Solicitor's secretary dealt with Nancy's conveyancing case. Nancy then told her that my sister worked for the firm. Again, absolutely sod all was said, not even this, "Oh really, what is her name"? How rude eh? But what really got on my nerves were the two tennis balls stuck to her chest! I'm not sure how much she paid for them, and I definitely wouldn't advice her to go to Wimbledon this year - the ball boys and ball girls could get in to some serious trouble - but seriously, they looked ridiculous! The best part about the whole thing was that I told my Sister last night about the arrogance of the posh receptionist. It turns out that she has a Liverpool accent and her posh voice is all one big sham! I haven't told Nancy this yet, but I know she will read this post and will be as shocked as I am! What a bloody farce!